Busy Busy update

OK, reminder, if you want to go to the coupon class on Tuesday, let me know.

Update: My computer broke so I have been a little lost and finally uploaded my pictures now that I have my computer back. K.C.’s Mother started a new tradition of pajama’s and bingo. We played bingo for money or presents, made gingerbread houses, and ate reindeer sandwiches. It was so much fun. I love traditions. I truly have fantastic in-laws.

Took the kids to Adventure Dome.

Jy was Santa for Christmas :). I love DI. I got that outfit at Halloween time at DI for $2. So cute! We had our traditional Christmas program at K.C.’s sister’s house, Eryn, this year. It was a lot of fun. We ate our traditional soup bowls. Yummy. We tried to sing Christmas music using chimes. The kids acted out the Nativity with me trying to narrate. It should be even better next year when Jy and Keatyn are older. Jy was Jesus in a Santa outfit. Funny. Keatyn was the Angel,
Kobi was Joseph, and Xayla was Mary.
Kobi started playing basketball for the Winter. He is having fun, but he says football is his thing. We signed him up for football in the Spring, but we had no idea they would start practicing in Jan! We have practice 5-6 days a week! Xayla started ballet and we signed her up for Spring soccer. Needless to say, we are busy busy. As you can see, Jy is wasted from all of our practices.
Another note: I love his little hands! He turned 9 months. He will be 10 months tomorrow. Crazy! He is crawling and pulling himself up on things. He finally got his first tooth and then5 followed quickly after! He was in some pain, but is doing much better now.
Oh, and I cut my hair. I like it for now, but I definately like my hair longer. Eryn did a great job on the cut though.

5 thoughts on “Busy Busy update

  1. I love the cut it is so dang cute!! How are you I have not talked to you in so long! We need to get the boys togther before we move! Hope your doing great! Talk to you soon Jamie


  2. Look at all the fun things you did for Christmas! Jy is sooo cute in the Santa outfit. Your hair looks good, honestly. You could get away with any cut and still look good.


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