What has been going on in Vegas? You know it is close to the second coming when it snows 3 1/2 in Vegas! We wanted to go to Mt. Charleston to play in the snow, but the snow came to us!

We went to Santa’s Train ride. The kids and I had fun. K.C. tolerated the situation. I will admit, it is pretty cheesey. If there were just a couple of things added (Christmas music, a little more lights), it could be great. I would go again for $2. I would have to purchase the tickets in advance.

We went to Ethel M Chocolate Factory. I love looking at Christmas lights. I think it is so much fun. I feel like a big kid. K.C. does not see things the way I do. He sees things more like the Grinch we will say :). At least he is a good sport and comes along especially if it is free like Ethel M is. I love Opportunity Village during Christmas time but it is expensive. I know it is for a good cause though.

Baking, Baking, Baking! I am baked out! It felt good making goodies for others (and my family) because I hardly bake and it was a delight to see others happy for getting some snacks.

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We ate at a place called Mustang Sallys’. It was really good. It’s attached to a car dealership. I love using restaurant.coms’ coupons to go out to eat. You should check out this blog:
She telles you so many ways to save money. It has really helped my grocery bill. I will have to have a coupon party so she could explain how to use coupons. I never knew about the underground coupon world.


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