Thanksgiving and stuff

K.C. passed the boards he has taken so far!!! Yeah for him. He only slept about 4 hours a night because he was studying. I am so proud of him. He worked so hard! Today was the last day of this semester! Yaaaa! One more semester and K.C. graduates! It’s scary because we have no idea if we will even be in Vegas. We are also looking into California, TX, and Arizona. I know it will all work out. I am just a planner! It’s scary not knowing what’s ahead, but I guess it is kind of fun as well.

These last four years did go by quickly. I know I complained a lot because I felt like I had a lot on my plate, (let’s see, 3 kids, 2 jobs, a husband in Dental School!) but my husband put in countless hours in studying and still tried to make all of our kids’ events (and never complained!). I am so glad this phase of our lives is almost over, but I am looking forward to the next phase.

This handsome boy turned 8 months. He is such a joy. He is still Nursing. The longest I ever Nursed my other kids was 6 weeks. I am so proud of myself:). It gets much better once they start eating solids.

The kids got to see Santa at the Ward Christmas party.

Football season is done. Thank goodness. It was not a fun season because the coach was a dictator and did not know how to let the kids have fun. Kobi did learn some things and wants to play again. Never again with the team we were on. He is playing basketball now.

Xayla just finished another soccer season. She is soooo competitive. I know where she gets it from (DAD). They lost the game before their last game and all week she said “We are going to win. They are going to lose. They are not going to score a goal. Only us.” She scored 4 goals in the last game and got so mad when the other team scored. She would fold her arms in the middle of the field because she was so upset. I had to have a talk with her about sportsmanship.

Had Thanksgiving Dinner at K.C.’s parents’ house. (Not sure if that’s correct but luckily I’m not an English major.) It was fun. I complain about so many little everyday things in life, when in fact I have so much to be grateful for. I have such a great family. It was K.C.’s Mom’s birthday as well.

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and stuff

  1. I’m glad KC passed all his boards and what I relief to have that over with! Listen here, your only options of places to live are Vegas and Blanding. That’s right, I said Blanding. I really think you’d like it there. But if you must, I guess CA and AZ would be alright. NOT Texas! You guys have to stay in reasonable driving range. Now that I got that off my chest…very cute pics! Kobi looks like such a stud in his football gear and I love how competitive Xayla is. Great pic of Scoot and KC!


  2. THAT IS AWESOME!!! CONGRATS TO K.C.!!! Love this post, good job on the catch up! I still haven’t posted about Thanksgiving. Your kids are soo stinking cute. I hope you guys get to stay in Vegas cause it has been so nice to get to be friends over the last few years! Our kids are gonna be 5th graders ahhh!!


  3. Congrats to K.C.! What a huge accomplishment (and to you too).In some of the pictures I thought Jy looked like K.C., some he looked like you and one I thought he looked like Kobi. He’s cute regardless and good job for nursing so long!I agree… you guys can’t go too far if you leave Vegas.


  4. Hooray to KC! I love Xayla’s little attitude and her amazing skill at soccer… good for her :)Can’t believe Jy is 8 months!!! I need to see him soon 🙂


  5. Congrats KC!! How exciting. I can’t believe how big the kids are. You all look great. Looks like you have been keeping busy as usual. Have a Merry Christmas!!


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