Santa’s Train Ride

The Nevada State Railroad Museum is doing it’s 7th Annual train ride. It’s only $2. It’s going to be Sat. and Sun Dec. 13th and 14th. For more information click on this link: train It should be fun. We are going to try to go at 9:30 am to ride at 10 am.

5 thoughts on “Santa’s Train Ride

  1. We went this past weekend and it was tons of fun. I would suggest getting there an hour before to make sure you get tickets. We rode the 10am ride and by 10:30 they were sold out until 2am.


  2. Although Ipuna thinks different, I was very unimpressed even though it was basically free. It’s a very slow train ride looking at the desert scenery with trash blowing everywhere. I would call it more like the Solar Express. At least Santa came through and took a picture with us. Not worth the four hours we spent in Boulder City. I tried to stay positive, but even Kobi said, “this is lame”. At least we got to hang out with the Giffords (Russ and Marlo) and Jill Law and sat next to them on the train ride.


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