To all my LAS VEGAS FRIENDS, you are invited to…

come to the dental school on WEDNESDAY OCT 22 from 5-7pm @ 1700 W Charleston (Charleston and Shadow Lane) for FREE dental screenings.

UNLV Senior Dental Students (like me) are looking for individuals who may qualify as patients for the dental licensing board exam on February 7th and 8th, 2009.

So, again, the Complimentary Dental Screening date is:

Wednesday October 22nd, 2008

Additional benefits for those who qualify to participate as a patient for this exam.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call or email Regina at

P.S.- If you call, please mention that you heard about this from me so that I can get dibs on you if you have an “ideal” cavity. P.S.S.
– If you act on this, I promise all of your wildest dreams will come true!


7 thoughts on “To all my LAS VEGAS FRIENDS, you are invited to…

  1. An “ideal” cavity would be a cavity that is located in between the teeth that goes completely through the enamel and barely crossing into the dentin. Of course, if there are slight variations from “ideal”, there is a good chance you could be used as a board patient. If you are in general good health and can sit in a chair for a decent length of time, you will be the ideal patient.


  2. Ha Garrin said he is down for the tourny and the burger but doesn’t know if he thinks you’ll be up for rushing the court to celebrate with BYU beating UNLV, but just whatever ha. We would definately be to your screening if we lived close though ha


  3. Yeah been there done that, before we had insurance I had all my work done there, and it was so much fun listening to them describe in vivid detail what they were doing as I underwent a pretty intensive oral surgery, YAY! Not fun.


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