Wisdom tooth

Had a couple of teeth pulled last week. My wisdom tooth that was pulled has had me feeling miserable! So, I’ve been out of commissions and trying to sleep when I can. Will post more when I feel better. K.C. has been wonderful through all of my whining.

6 thoughts on “Wisdom tooth

  1. I didn’t know. I guess I was too busy talking your ear off the other day to ask how you were doing. Hope you’re not in too much pain and are getting some rest even if it’s hard for you!


  2. One of his professors and good friend’s Dad (Tim’s Dad) Dr. Orr pulled it out. We went in with the kids because he was just going to evaluate my other tooth, and decided to pull everything out while we were there. We had all the kids with us. K.C. held Jy and Xayla over my mouth to look. Kobi tried to peak the best he could. It was kind of funny. I ended up with Dry Socket. Worse pain ever lasting 1 week! I never like to ask for help (thanks Meegan). I should have! 🙂


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