Check out my cousin Brittini Black!!!

Britt has been working on her Country Music career in Nashville and finally released her debut album and music video this week. She is a tremendous talent! If any of you like, you can purchase her album online at itunes, Best Buy, Amazon, or any of your favorite major retailers. Way to go Britt!


8 thoughts on “Check out my cousin Brittini Black!!!

  1. Dang you guys are like kinda famous a little bit. Oh and kc I loved the last post giving every detail of every game…only you would post that on your blog ha. Chock up more wins for BYU, U and UNLV this weekend.


  2. She is really good. I remember going to a concert with Sara and probably most of your family where she opened for Lonestar and sang about cowboys got muscle. I am glad she is doing so well. I love this song!


  3. Isn’t she amazing?! I’m so excited for her – and excited to brag to my friends that she sang at our wedding dinner like 13 years ago! We might be coming up for the wedding – it’ll be fun to see you guys again if we do.


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