Kobi is playing football

So I really didn’t want Kobi to play football because I think it’s dangerous. He REALLY wanted to play. We decided to let him play. He is LOVING it. It is perfect for him. He loves being active and aggressive. He is still being tested out for various positions. He is on the Trojans. The team is very serious and organized. The younger group (Kobi is in this group 8-10 yrs) practices with the older group (10-12 yrs). It makes the younger group work hard. Today he sacked the Quarterback (from the older group). He loved it! I need to learn more about football. I can barely follow the ball. Today I was confused who was on Defense versus offense. I know pretty bad. K.C. is trying to teach me about the various positions so that I know what’s going on.

3 thoughts on “Kobi is playing football

  1. That is awesome that Kobi likes it. I feel the same way about football and hope that my boys don’t want to play anything dangerous. I’m sure K.C. is just loving it too!!


  2. I think it is great that he is playing football. I am sure he is really good and only going to get better. I think it would be so fun having a boy with all the aggresive sports. Also KC’s ankle looks so bad, poor guy and walking around Knott’s. He is quit the accident prone guy, huh?


  3. I’m glad you finally posted some stuff! KC’s ankle was HUGE! I have never seen a sprain that bad. Looks like your vacation and everything was way fun too. It was good to see you guys at Eryn’s wedding. I want to go to yogurt land next time we’re down there….probably in march for the tourny!


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