Lots been going on

What has been going on? It has been crazy around here. I haven’t checked up on anyone in a while. I haven’t blogged in a while as well. Hopefully, I can catch up this week.

We went to Knotts Berry Farm. This was by the end. My Mother has the magical touch and put both the kids to sleep while the rest of us went on Raging Rapids. It is so much fun going with family that help with the kids!!!

K.C. is big kid as well! Kobi wanted to hang out with some ladies :).

This was near the end of our day. K.C. had enough. Jy was still smiling. He is such a happy baby. He only slept 10-20 minutes here and there. He is such a light sleeper. He was still overall happy.

Xayla got to go on stage for Camp Snoopy.

We watched a show. It was really good. You like the Hello Kitty shirt the tough guy is wearing? We had great seats in the shade (we were inside a wagon). Jy slept on me the whole time in his sling (the best thing ever).

We ate at a place called Seafood Kingdom. There was no one there so we were a little nervous. It was really good. K.C. got us a coupon using our points from our credit card. Spend $35 get $25 off! You can save a lot doing it this way if you pay your credit card off every month.

We went to the Beach. I think it was Huntington Beach. It was beautiful, but Jy was kind of crancky because we went to the beach straight from our car ride from Vegas.

This handy little thing Jy was in was nice. It kept the dirt away from him. I got it at a garage sale for $5! It looks brand new!

Before we went on vacation, K.C. was playing basketball and he twisted his ankle. We thought he broke something. It is just a REALLY bad sprain. The Dr. said it could take 2 months to heal! He had to hobble around Knotts. Poor guy. Can you guess which ankle it sprained? 🙂

I had to miss the first day of school for the first time for the kids 😦 because I taught a couple of labs that day at CSN. K.C. had to take the kids. He did a pretty good job with Xayla’s hair. Thank goodness we only have 1 girl right now :).

Jy’s first time swimming. He loved it. (Even when he got splashed in the face!)

Jy was ready for the water! We are going to trim his hair today. It is starting to get in his eyes and he is always called a girl. I’m kind of sad about trimming it, but it is long!

Jy’s first time eating rice cereal. You think he liked it?

Right after K.C. came home from quick care. He did not manage crutches very well :).

We went to Lake Mead with K.C.’s family for the first time this summer. K.C.’s Mom watched Jy. I am sure he appreciated that :).

I took the kids and one of Xayla’s friends Kaia to Town’s Square before school started. It was so much fun. This was them eating yogurt at Yogurtland when we were done. It was good.

Jy was happy at Town Square.

There was a play area.

There was a little maze.

Every Wed. a story is read to the kids at Town Square from 10am-12pm. They made balloon dogs for them and gave the kids suckers.

Here is the water park area of Town Square.

Here is are some kids being read to.

K.C.’s sister Eryn got married.

She looked beautiful!

7 thoughts on “Lots been going on

  1. Wow you have been busy!!! What a great time you guys had between Knotts and the beach and the Lake! Oh and Eryn is in my Condos and my ward, small world! 🙂 Your little Jy is sooooooo cute, love the hair, it reminds me of Alexis!!


  2. I was wondering what you’ve been up to. Glad I got to catch up on this post. I’ll call you soon too.Didn’t KC hurt his ankle right before your honeymoon too? It looks painful.In almost every picture Jy is so happy. It’s so nice having a happy baby!


  3. Yeah Michelle, K.C. hurt his femur on our honeymoon when a horse on one of our excursions fell on his leg. He is also going to have surgery after he graduates (because he has to be in a sling for 4-6 weeks) for a flap tear on his tendon on his shoulder from about 1 year ago when he did not warm up prior to playing softball and “heard a pop”. Do you think he should stop playing sports???


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