Went to Shark Reef with a large group. It was a lot of fun. The kids loved it. This is only some of the people that went.

Kobi got a new frog for his birthday. It’s belly is red. It’s a red belly frog. It’s kind of fun. It eats bugs. I like feeding it our crickets we get. We were told we shouldn’t do that because of the possible pesticides it may have encountered, but it’s cool watching it eat the bugs.

We found one of these in our house! So scary! I heard they are hard to get rid of. Haven’t seen another one since. They make me nervous. I have seen kids in the hospital that have been bit by one of these and it makes them act CRAZY. Very violent.
My sister-in-law, Eryn, had a bridal shower.

Kobi had a birthday party.

Jy turned 4 months! He loves to cuddle. I love that! I think I want 1 more. Is that crazy or what. I love being a Mom.

Kobi got Rock Band for his birthday. We had a little band. Keatyn and Jy on the guitar, Xayla singing, and Kobi on the drums. Cute band, huh :).

Kobi really wanted this metal dog for his birthday. He made it a paper home and everything. Where is it now? In the clutter of the rest of our junk. 😦

Every July or August there is a Korean Folk Dance Festival at Ham Hall. It’s free. I took my family this year. I love going to things like this. It’s great to see the traditional cultures that are part of you. The dresses and dances are so beautiful as well. I used to dance in this festival when I was younger. I did the drum and fan dances.

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Wow, lots going on! Scorpions freak me out. Good thing you found it.That’s so true how kids have to have something and never play with it. Looks like he had a good birthday though!


  2. I would like to hear that rock bank in concert sometime! SO cute! Does Kobi know you have pics of him in his underwear on your blog? j/k I still haven’t given him his birthday present yet. What a bad aunt! Oh well, it’s nice to get late presents sometimes!


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