I’ll have to post pictures later. I’m too lazy to get my camera. Kobi turned 9 July 28th. Crazy! I can’t believe 9 years has passed. We had a little guitar hero party at my house for him. It was actually Rock band. That is what he wanted. He starting to ask more questions. Today in the van he said “Mom, I’m starting to turn darker, like black.”

I said, “That’s OK. If I was in the sun playing all day, I would get darker as well.”

He said, “I don’t want to be dark. Then, I won’t be part of this family.”

I said, “You will always be part of this family. The color of your skin does not matter.”

He said, “But you will get rid of me like you did Blacky.” Blacky was a dog my Mom tried to give us that had black long hair. We just did not want a dog at the time.

I said, “We didn’t get rid of Blacky because of his hair was black. We got rid of him because we did not want a dog. We would never get rid of you, no matter what you look like.” Then it was silent. I turned around and he was sleeping in the van.

It makes me sad when he talks like this. I don’t know where he gets the idea of the color of his skin mattering (I guess it does matter in the world still at times.). I just don’t ever want him to feel different or like he is not part of this family. It makes me sad.

On another note, he is so sweet. Last Friday I was sleeping in because I worked the night before. He brought pancakes and eggs up to me in my bed. He is so sweet at times.

5 thoughts on “Kobi

  1. Ipuna! That most made me cry! Tell him that I would switch him ina a second. He has beautiful skin….such a lucky boy. Him and simone can be friends…and we can all be jealous of them. I’m glad you posted. I didn’t know his birthday was on our anniversary!! Poor him having to do wedding stuff last summer on his birthday! Tell him I owe him! And a late happy birthday to him


  2. Isn’t it interesting to see when kids really start to notice things like race? When I taught Kindergarten they didn’t seem to pay attention at all.When he was talking about the dog… how sad. It’s also funny though how kids think. It’s so good that he has you as a mom to make him feel better!


  3. It’s good that he told you about it so you can reassure him that color does not matter at all, especially with our loved ones. I am sure that your talks and love will help him get that out of his head and be more confident. Besides, his skin color is very pretty!!


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