We have been so blessed. For my birthday we were supposed to go watch Toxic Audio at the Planet Hollywood because K.C. donated blood so that we could get free show tickets (What a great husband. I hate needles..I know…I know…I’m a Nurse. It’s doesn’t mean that I have to like needles!). We got 2 free show tickets, but somehow they were misplaced! I was so sad. I looked everywhere for them! That’s why we went to the comedy show instead because it was fun and cheap. Well on Friday, K.C. took our family to go eat where ESPN radio was doing a live broadcast. He was in the drawing to win a trip to N.Y. and Yankees stadium. We didn’t win the trip, but we won 2 tickets to Toxic Audio and 2 tickets to V the ultimate Variety show (both at Planet Hollywood)! I went to Toxic Audio with Xayla on Saturday (tickets expired by Monday). I was able to get off work just in enough time to go, and my wonderful husband brought Xayla to my work so that we could go. Kobi was playing at a friend’s house. On Monday we went to “V”. It was really good. The performers were so talented. We had fantastic seats. I was blessed x2 for my birthday! My birthday is lasting all month! 🙂 After the show we ate crepes at the Paris. SOOOOO good. You have to try it. They have food crepes and dessert crepes.

6 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Hey Ipuna! I found your blog while blog surfing. I turned 30 on July 6th. I didn’t know our birthdays were so close! Check out my blog sometime. I’ll add you to my list.


  2. Hello, you don’t know me but your husband does. I just wanted to tell him hello. We grew up together and were in choir in high school. My name is Heather Bingham Jones. My email is bhjones01@yahoo.comWill you tell him hello for me. You have beautiful children and a very cute blog.


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