30 years!

So we are in Blanding, Ut for the 4th right now. Here are their 4th outfits.

Jy turned 3 months on the 1st! Xayla is making Jy smile!

We went swimming at my friend’s Stacia’s house. It was fun. Nice to get away from my thoughts about work.

I love Jy’s little hand. I love it when they have the grasp reflex. So precious.

So I turned 30 on July 2nd! Crazy! I used to think 30 was soooo old when I was younger. I’m glad I don’t think that anymore :). K.C. and I went to the L.A. Comedy Club at Planet Hollywood. It was actually very funny. We had a great time. I got a 1 hour massage on my birthday, so worth it. It was a deep tissue massage (it hurt, but felt better the next day). I also went to breakfast with my Mom. I studied most of the day for 2 classes I have to take next week (Pediatric Advance Life Support and Adult Cardiac Life Support). I kind of wish I just hung out with some friends and took the day off instead of wasting my 30th studying, but it was still O.K. K.C. sang “I Cross My Heart” to me at night. I LOVE it when he sings. So is being 30 any different? Not yet :). I am thankful for my many blessings in my 30 years.

10 thoughts on “30 years!

  1. I like their 4th outfits. You look really good in that picture. Way too skinny to have a 3 month old that’s for sure! A massage on your birthday was good but studying? Next year I’ll have to take you to lunch or something.


  2. Happy late late birthday Ipuna. Your kids are getting so big. I can’t believe how big Jy is already. Crazy. I love you blog it is really good. Miss you, Laura


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