Jy blessed and more

O.K. So Jy was blessed on Sunday, June 1st. He was exactly 2 months old that day. It was great. After the blessing we ate at K.C.’s parent’s house. Sorry the picture is not the clearest. I had to crop it. What is wrong with this picture? Hint: If you know Scoot, it has something to probably do with him :).

Keatyn let Jy borrow her bow :).

After the blessing.

The day of the blessing. Jy is starting to smile. His 2 month picture with Josh. He is wearing his 12 month Rebel onesie. Every month I am taking his picture in it with Josh to see his growth. I got that from Oprah :).

Xayla has been not wanting to go to bed lately. She gets up and plays dress up. So funny.

We are going to High School Musical on Thursday night with the kids. So cheesy, I know :).

10 thoughts on “Jy blessed and more

  1. Ipuna!! I can’t wait to see your family…I love you guys. I am so happy you’re coming for the 4th…we should have a cookout at grandma’s fire pit….I will be planning. Tell your family hi


  2. Isn’t it so great to have the preisthood? I’m so glad that we both joined the church.How is Jy doing? He looks like he keeps getting taller. Byton does the same thing as Xayla at nap time with underwear though… silly kids!


  3. Hey well we should have switched weekends! I love high school musical! I did love blackhawk though. Did you know they went to monticello a couple years ago? I wanna hear about high school musical weekend


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