OK about K.C.’s teeth

Luckily he is in Dental School and he has some friends that want to work on him. About 2 weeks ago I decided to take the kids to the Dinosaur park, and I get a phone call from K.C.’s friend from Dental school on K.C.’s phone telling me that K.C. had passed out, started seizing, and had chipped some teeth. They were wheeling him to the ER (he was eating lunch at the UMC cafeteria luckily). I freaked out. I was breastfeeding at the park, Xayla was on the swing, and Kobi was playing. Jy decided to poop through his clothes and I did not have a change of clothes because I had not really been out and my diaper bag was lacking extra clothes. I drove to UMC with all 3 kids just to find out I couldn’t see K.C. because kids were not allowed back. I left (also because I wasn’t thinking..what was I doing with a 2 week old in UMC’s ER? There were some scaring looking people there.) It ended up being just fine. K.C. had a CT (Cat Scan), and it was fine. What happened? Well, K.C. ate his food too fast. He ended up having “the biggest hiccup of his life” which caused him to have a vaso-vagal syncope (faint). He fell on his friend, but his friend thought he was joking around. Then he fell to the floor and after 15 seconds or so, started to shake. He then popped up and came to. He chipped 5 teeth when he fell to the floor. The seizing is what made me nervous. The Dr. just said that you can seize from the fall. I’m just glad he is OK, and that he was at UMC already. I just told him, you need to slow down eating. I was a wreck that day. I love him. He will just need some cosmetic work now :).

9 thoughts on “OK about K.C.’s teeth

  1. Yikes. That is scary. We need to warn all our husbands about eating too fast. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about that before?!?I’m so glad he was okay!


  2. We are glad to hear that KC is ok. What a scary thing. How is the three kids going? It has been an adjustment for me. But I hear once you have three you can pretty much take on any amount.


  3. Holy Crap! That is so scary! I have to tell you a story real quick. This week I was home alone and getting reay for work. I decided to eat some cheerios and they started to go down the wong way and got stuck. I was choking and thought I was going to die in my living room. I lunged forward and they came up. I am glad KC is ok. Luckily Jy was only 2 weeks old and still had your antibodies.


  4. I am so excited for your little family! your baby is so dang cute! I am so glad you found my blog!! we need to get the kids together and play we miss you guys! give me a call when you can!


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