3 kids

3 kids has sure been an adjustment. I’m really just trying to figure sleep out and breastfeeding. I’m loving it though! K.C. has been such a help!

4 thoughts on “3 kids

  1. 3 CUTE kids! I’m glad you are adjusting. Breastfeeding is an adjustment in itself. I couldn’t keep up with Beckam so I finally gave up…I wonder if it’s a boy thing? Quincy was so much easier.


  2. Cute cute cute kids! I think Jy is an asian version of KC. Hang in there with the breastfeeding…how bad could it be? It only gets better, right? At least that is what I was told, but I wouldn’t know from my experience. 😉


  3. Your 3 kids are adorable! good luck with 3 🙂 I thought I had a handle on it but then my baby started crawling and since then it’s been a rat race, but fun.


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