So, I went to the Dr’s yesterday and I am still only 1 cm dilated and nothing else is going on. Since he will be out of town for the second half of next week, we are going to get induced on April 1st at 0730 at St Rose Siena. So we will see if he comes this weekend or if he wants to be an April Fools baby! It will be nice because K.C. will be on Spring Break next week and Kobi has 2 weeks of track break. Nice family time.

So here is an update of our family! Thank goodness Cortney let me borrow her camera. I just got mine in the mail. I ended up buying through Costco.

K.C. is the Choir Director at church and Kobi got a hold of the camera during practice. The choir did such a good job on Sunday. I LOVE my husband’s voice! It is truly amazing. (And I am tone deaf!)

Took the kids bowling for Spring Break.

Painted eggs at Grandma’s on Sat.

Started easter Sunday with an Easter Egg hunt in the house.

She loves her dog!

One week before due! Easter Sunday.

Baby Keatyn did not know what was going on! We took too many pictures. 🙂

The kids had fun on Sunday at K.C.’s parent’s house with an Easter Egg hunt.

Look who is in Boy Scouts!

The Baby’s room is done! Yeah! I’m soooo thankful K.C.’s family helped with the painting!

10 thoughts on “update

  1. Hey I just found your blog! John never told me you were pregnant! Congrats. I was looking through your other posts and realized John was right when he told me that KC was just as fanatic about UNLV sports as he was about BYU. It must be a Black family thing!


  2. Your belly finally looks big but you still look so good. I like your shirt too. Only a few more days if not sooner. Did you decide on a name?The UNLV room is cute!


  3. Haven’t completely decided on a name. We have some ideas. We will see what he looks like :). I’ll keep you posted. I’m really nervous. I just hope everything goes well.


  4. What a fan- to do a room in all UNLV! wow! I can’t wait to see your little man, when he’s here. The kids look so cute and you look awesome, momma! Keep checking Mommasassy.blogspot for fun finds and free giveaways!~Corrine


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