Just waiting

So tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary with my hubby! It’s crazy! I heard the first 5years are the hardest. I hope this is true because that would mean I really didn’t go through much hard times at all. I have a fantastic husband and marriage. He allowed me to get a new digital camera (It’s on the way. It was way cheaper buying on-line then at Best Buy.) because my old camera’s batteries would drain so quickly that I spent a lot of money on batteries. I can’t wait to get it this week. He is also finally painting the baby’s room tomorrow morning. Yeah! I will post pictures (I hate doing things at the last minute.). Finally, he donated blood today at school so he could get us tickets to a comedy show at Planet Hollywood. Nice cheap date (just how I like it). We probably won’t do anything tomorrow night because my husband’s second love (or sometimes I think first!) are the UNLV Rebels, and they might be in the conference tournament tomorrow afternoon. We will find out tonight after the Rebels take on Utah.
I have been feeling well. I have just started feeling uncomfortable at night. I forgot how many times you have to go to the bathroom near the end. It’s so annoying. I am also getting more leg cramps (annoying as well), and my back is starting to hurt at night. On the upside, I am glad I am feeling well overall and that the baby is healthy.

2 thoughts on “Just waiting

  1. It’s been 5 years already? Time goes by fast once we’re married with kids!The end of the pregnancy is rough but at least you only have 2 weeks left. I can’t wait to meet him.


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