Princess pictures

A couple of more Princess pictures!

9 thoughts on “Princess pictures

  1. Your blog is cute and Xayla is such a beautiful girl. Check out our blog at Hope you are feeling well and make it through the last part of your pregnancy okay.


  2. I was so surprised to see your comment my blog. I am excited to have another blogging buddy. I am so sorry I missed your baby shower. I still want to get you something. I hope you aren’t too miserable during your last weeks of pregnancy. I hope to see you soon.


  3. O M Goodness! I was just talking To Lisa Fradzen about you guys. Glad to find you in the blog community! What a beautiful family to have and man how time flies. I remember seeing you prego too! You were like 5 months or so.Congrats on your next. Check out our family toothechristianclan.blogspotand for mommasmommasassy.blogspot~Corrine(hellyar)Christian


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