Last Lecture

Someone e-mailed me this, and it I really needed to watch it. This gentleman speaks about if you had one last lecture to give, what would it be. I need reminders like this to put things into perspective. I feel blessed to have a great marriage, to have a healthy family, great friends, and so much more. I sometimes get in a rut and complain about everything. I actually should have nothing to complain about considering all that I have been blessed with. I hopes this lightens up your day as it did mine.

Also, can someone tell me how to make my header smaller? And cuter? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Last Lecture

  1. wow!! puts things into some serious perspective.I’m so glad to hear from you! Congratulations on the new baby. That is so exciting! Are you still teaching? What are you guys up to? Kevin did really well in school and is now working for Sunrise hospital in their ER. He’s taking his critical care classes through the hospital on his days off. He has the night shift. We are adjusting but he loves it so much. He’ll be glad to hear from you too. Your kids get cuter and cuter. Hows school going for K.C.?


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