29 weeks

My due date is officially March 30th! I’m excited an nervous for #3. We went looking for mini vans yesterday. I REALLY like the Toyota Sienna 8 seater. I love my Toyotas. I’m going to the Dr’s every 2 weeks now! That is crazy.

I have been excited that I have actually been keeping up with my New Years resolutions (Getting up earlier, organizing more, reading scriptures, etc.). I already went through the kids’ clothes to get rid of what was too small. I need to make room for the little one. We are having such a hard time with names with this one.

I am so glad that I pulled Kobi out of Cunningham and now he is back at Iverson. It’s amazing the difference a child will perform in a more positive environment. I believe that it is very important to have your child in a good school especially if they already have a difficult time in an area (Math for Kobi).

5 thoughts on “29 weeks

  1. I really love my mini van. I never looked at the Toyota but I like those, my Honda and the Nissan.I know how you feel about the baby name thing. Today I have a completely different name that I want to talk Spencer into. I still have those clothes I need to give you. Remind me.


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