Oh Oh

So, maybe I spoke too soon. Now I see why people like Jodie 🙂 choose to wait to see what they are having! You tell me what you think:

What you are seeing is:
bottom right hand side: Xayla’s ultrasound
top right hand side: An ultrasound of my little one 10-17-07 (told it was a girl)
left side: my ultrasound today (My official ultrasound appointment with a tech. Last week it was with my Dr. for a quick look.)

What do you think? 🙂

My due date has changed to April 7th.

4 thoughts on “Oh Oh

  1. oh my heck are you serious? I can’t read the ultrasounds but I’m pretty sure they say boy. That is too funny. Are you guys still excited? (I’m pretty sure K.C. is)


  2. We are way excited. If you click to enlarge the picture, the lower left shows his legs and his but. His stuff is in the middle.It is just exciting because this is the first time I felt it was something because I have had a boy and a girl, so I knew this was a boy. The pregnancy is identical to Kobi’s.


  3. I enlarged the pictures and the bottom left definitely looks like a boy! The bottom right ultrasound that your dr. said is a girl even looks like a boy to me. I think you’re having a boy especially if you feel like you are anyway. Now you get to think of boys names instead! I think it’s easier to pick a boy’s name although we haven’t yet.


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