October stuff and update

Went to the Rebel Basketball game this weekend. It was fun. Met up with Spencer and Michelle. I haven’t seen Michelle in a long time. It was fun hanging out. I about 20 weeks and Michelle is about 24 or 25 weeks. How exciting. I hope we get together again before we deliver!

Pumkin Patch. The kids loved it.

I love this picture of Xay!

19 weeks along!

Me and my girl! Orange for Halloween.

Dental Christmas party!

Kobi also lost his front two teeth. So all he wants for Christmas is his 2 front teeth! 🙂

Kobi got new glasses! He just needs to wear them to see the board far away, but he loves them.

Part of Kobi’s baseball team picture at his end of the season party.

Some Halloween pictures.

Baby update: Official ultrasound is going to be this Wed. How exciting. Things are going well. I am 20 weeks now! Half way there! It has gone so fast this time. I think because it’s #3.

3 thoughts on “October stuff and update

  1. I’m glad you updated too. Kobi looks so cute, like a little missonary in his suit!I’m sure everything will go well with your ultrasound. You’ll have to let me know how it goes.Thanks for saving our seats at thhe game. It was fun to get together again.


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