Disneyworld 2007 and update

I am posting some of our pictures form our trip. It was so much fun, and I think we all needed it. We went to Gatorland, Animal Kingdom, Blue Lagoon, Disneyquest, and the Magical Kingdom.

I went to the Dr’s yesterday (love my Dr. Dr Wells). I am due between March 30th and April 4th. So it may be an April Fools baby. I think it’s a boy because this pregnancy is very similar to Kobi’s, but we will see in November. I was really nauseous with Xayla.

Teaching has been a little stressful this semester. I am not sure how it’s going to work out with 3 kids. Sometimes I wish we would have waited until K.C. was done with school, but I do feel blessed to be healthy, and I am having a great pregnancy so far.

Xayla has a fever right now, but no other symptoms. I hate when she is sick. It’s so sad.

I am also going to post some pictures of Kobi the day of his baptism.

6 thoughts on “Disneyworld 2007 and update

  1. You updated your blog! We missed you last night at Jodie’s party. It was fun.How about you can have an April Fool’s baby and I’ll have the Leap Year baby. Maybe we’ll win a prize or something.


  2. I know. I wish I did go to Jodie’s party. Kobi had a baseball game. That would be fun- April Fools and Leap Year. We will see :). I messed up on the slide show. The waterpark we went to was Typhoon Lagoon not Blue Lagoon. Oops.


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