So I think my child has her Dad’s skin. Darn it. I need to remember to bring sunblock! Kobi and I never had that problem. Kobi said to me “Mom. I need some too or I am going to get cancer.” What a smart boy…and he is right!

So does my child like babies or what!

Baseball is done. On too….


6 thoughts on “pictures

  1. The darker skin is nice! I don’t have to worry about my girls too much, just enough Mexican and Filipino to keep them from burning!I would much rather watch baseball than golf!


  2. You are right. Your girls are dark in complexion. Lucky you. I hope Xayla darkens up. I agree, baseball is more fun ti watch than golf. I actually like basketball the best. I am excited about hanging out at lunch tomorrow!


  3. Wow… check out Kobi’s golf instructor’s outfit. He doesn’t mess around!Ipuna- I think we’re on the computer at the same time. I just got on to check one thing on e-mail and ended up blogging. It will be good to get together tomorrow. See you then.


  4. Thanks Nichole. I like to have fun and be crazy. Reminds me of my before Mormon days. 🙂 Now only if I just really had a butt! I need to update my blogg more often!!!!


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