What’s new

As you can see, I have been staying off the computer.

What’s new:

Trying to potty train Xayla. Very fun :(.

Kobi started playing golf. He loves it. I am so glad he is old enough to do fun activities.

K.C. is taking his Dental Boards next Monday.

I have a new calling: teaching CTR 5. It has been fun and busy!

I’ll have to post pictures later.

5 thoughts on “What’s new

  1. Wow it sounds like you have lots going on. I taught CtR 5 before. I was always amazed at how much those 5 years old knew. I learned a lot from them.Spencer bought Avry a golf club when she was only 2 years old. All my kids ever do is get into trouble with it. Coby is at a good age to start.Who knows, he could be the next Tiger Woods!


  2. I can’t wait for my girls to start playing sports too! I think it is important for kids to learn about rules, discipline and team building!Gook luck to Casey!!


  3. Thanks Nichole. K.C. needs it.Michelle, K.C. wants to buy Xayla some clubs. I just don’t know if she is interested at all, and I hope Kobi gets to play even half as well as Tiger! I am suprised on how much he likes golf. This organization called The First Tee of Southern NV offers free golf clinics for ages 6-17 yrs on Thurs. and Sat. I am so glad I found it because golf is expensive! CTR 5 is busy. I have 6-10 kids at a time! I have a friend that told me that she brought M&Ms to church and a jar. She would place a M&M in the jar every time the children came to church and brought their scriptures. When the jar was full, she would give them a party at her house. If the kids were acting up, she would start eating the candy. They would be quiet quickly. I thought it was a good idea. I brought M&M’s on Sunday (my 1st time with them), and I put the M&M pack in their site. If they started talking, I would eat some. I told them what was left, they could have. If it was gone, then it was gone. It worked really well. I got to eat some M&Ms as well. I liked her idea! I agree, it is so fun having the kids in sports. Kobi has actually done better in school since he has been busier playing sports. It keeps his mind going, and he watches less TV.


  4. Sorry I just cannot spell K.C. And Kobi’s names right! I even thought about it. I’m glad you found something that works for you with all those kiddies. I know it gets crazy sometimes at church. We’re always trying new things in nursery to find what works best. Are you planning on coming to Spencer’s party? I hope so. I sent Stacia an invitation but it got returned. I’ll just have to break down and call the girl. She’ll probably be like Michelle… Michelle who???


  5. I posted a message on your site (the one that now has 26 posts!). I am coming to Spencer’s party with the family. I am excited. I spoke with Stacia 2 weeks ago. Her and her man broke up about 1 month ago. Her ex-man is roommates with one of K.C.’s classmates in Dental school. Crazy. I will have to call you.


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