Our California trip

Angel’s Stadium

Dodger’s Stadium

The Incredibles!


Aladdin was really good at California Adventure, but you need to wait in line for 2 hours to get a good seat!

I was so glad Xayla actually slept with Dad!

4 thoughts on “Our California trip

  1. One day…it’s what I always say :). I do want to make a photo book. Hopefully I will have time this summer.I actually have been enjoying the basebeall games. You can get tickets cheaper if they are on the week day. We got 4 Angel tickets for $54. They were excellent seats. The face value on the seats was $37 a ticket! We also got our Dodger tickets for $6 for 4 seats. These were noseblead seats, but it was still fun. Xayla has been to so mnany events that she does really well. We have taken her to almost every basketball and football game at UNLV since she has been born. I think it is better to start them young.You should surprise Billy sometime and get tickets on ebay during the week to a game. He would like that.


  2. We went to a Dodger’s game awhile ago and Diamondback’s game. I won’t even tell you how much we overpaid for our tickets! I guess someone has to support those giant payrolls.


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