Picture update

I have been using my laptop so now I am actually using my desktop to blog. I am going to update with some pictures. I need to take pictures of my backyard. I will add them later.

We started Easter morning out with a little Easter hunt in my house.

We had an Easter egg hunt at K.C.’s parent;s house.

We then had some fun making Easter eggs

We had a lesson on Easter at K.C.’s parents house. It was fun.

Yesterday we went to Red Rock. I haven’t been there in a long time. I would have had more fun if it wasn’t for my allergies. My allergies are killing me. I went to the Dr’s today for meds. I want to sleep ALL the time.

We found a new trick to get Xayla to smile. We have to tell her to show us her teeth. It’s so cute.

7 thoughts on “Picture update

  1. Did K.C. the dentist think of that one? That’s a good idea. Whatever works to get a good picture. I have to tell Avry… Don’t you smile and then she smiles so big. Your easter eggs look fun!I blog using our laptop too. It’s so much faster then my regular computer for some reason. Thank goodness.


  2. Actually, K.C.’s sisters told me that’s what they did to get her to smile. So I had to try it. The Dental Student is never around to tell her to show her teeth :).


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