Pictures found on Eryn’s camera

Eryn, K.C.’s sister, let me download some pictures from her camera. I love seeing pictures you have not seen in a long time.
Xayla’s a princess

Go Rebels

Kobi is just having fun with Aunt Sara.

We are still having people working on our backyard. I will post pictures when it’s done. Nothing else really going on. It has slowed down with school and grading papers. K.C. has finals coming up. We are going to try and surprise the kids at the end of this month and take them to Disneyland. I think I need it more than they do.

4 thoughts on “Pictures found on Eryn’s camera

  1. Nichole- OK 😉Chanel- I agree, but they did go farther than expected.Michele- Xayla has gone to a few theme parks already. I think she enjoys more the older she gets.


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