So the Rebels lost. Too bad. I guess it was good while it lasted.

Here is my 100 list of things you may or may not know about me:
1. My favorite color is red
2. I hate scary movies. They give me nightmares.
3. I have 4 sisters and no brothers.
4. I am half Korean and half Puerto Rican.
5. I have been to Puerto Rico twice, but never to Korea.
6. I have a deep desire to speak Spanish fluently. Right now it’s broken Spanish.
7. I had 1 miscarriage.
6. My first kiss was in 9th grade during a truth or dare game.
7. When I tried to do what I thought was a kiss, I bit the guy. I have not idea how that happened.
8. I want to be crafty.
9. I don’t have the patience to be crafty.
10. I love to read, but I do not have a lot of time to read.
11. My favorite books are:
12. Charley and the Chocolate Factory,
13. The Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,
14. and The Bridge to Terabithia
15. I want to write children’s books one day
16. If I ever write one, I want to donate a large amount of the procedes to help children that are abused or neglected.
17. I want to have 2 more children.
18. I want to have another one now, but we are waiting until K.C. is done with school.
19. I played basketball and ran track in high school.
20. O.K. so I mostly sat the bench and jogged. I did run hurdles.
21. I moved 3 times in high school, so I attended 3 different high schools.
22. I was in student council in high school.
23. I would like to be a proffesional dancer for at least one week. I think it is amazing how they can use their body to speak.
24. I received best dressed in high school, but I am not a fashion person at all.
25. I do not like to shop much.
26. I am really interested in finance.
27. I like watching basketball.
28. I am allergic to cats.
29. I was born in San Antonio, TX.
30. I lived in NM before I moved to Las Vegas.
31. I hate rollercoasters.
32. I love the outdoors.
33. I would love to find the time to hike more.
34. I failed my driving portion of my exam once.
35. I can barely use chopsticks.
36. I am pretty good at Math.
37. My favorite shows right now are:
38. What about Brian and
39. The Bachelor (starting next week with that fine surgeon)
40. My favorite candy is M&Ms
41. I had my thyroid removed when I was 19, so I am taking a medication the rest of my life for it.
42. I cry when I am angry.
43. I became LDS in Jan 2001.
44. I lived in Sapin when I was little.
45. I want to live somewhere greener.
46. I want to visit Hawaii someday.
47. I love to sleep.
48. I do not like to cook.
49. I like the house clean, but I do not like to clean.
50. I can bake good banana bread.
51. I do not care if my clothes match.
52. I do not care about fixing my hair. I like ponytails.
53. I have a large scar on my right leg from when I fell through a glass door at the age of three.
54. I love fruit.
55. I love vegitables.
56. I do not like burgers or pizzas often.
57. I like going to the gym.
58. I like running.
59. I was 1st runner up in Miss Asian Universe when I was 16 years old.
60. I love long hair.
61. My hair is stringy.
62. I want to grow my hair real long and perm it.
63. I wish I was 5ft 10 in.
65. I tried to do some modeling when I was younger and then I realized I was too short.
66. I was on NBC once in a Magic Show with David Copperfield.
67. I was married for 8 months to my 1st husband.
68. I was remarried in the temple on March 15, 2003.
69. I attended senior ditch day because I wanted the extra credit and I think I had straight A’s.
70. I love people that can sing. That is why I married my husband.
71. My husband proposed in Salt Lake City around temple square in a carriage ride.
72. It was my first time in Salt Lake City.
73. His cell phone went off during the proposal.
74. We went on a Mexican Riveria cruise for our honey moon.
75. We went horseback riding on our cruise.
76. K.C. and his horse fell off a 10 ft cliff on our first stop and the horse landed on K.C.’s leg.
77. I like to fish, and need to do it more.
78. I do not like to eat fish.
79. I love funny movies, and I love to laugh.
80. I am not a morning person.
81. I am not big into jewlery.
82. I am a horrible speller.
83. I love to teach.
84. But I love being a Mom more.
85. I never wanted to stay at home with my kids in the past.
86. I wanted to be a business woman
87. But now I long for the day when I can stay at home with them.
88. I have seen many children pass away at the hospital.
89. I love working with children.
90. My Mother was an Orphan at age 9 yrs in Korea.
91. She had a rough life.
92. I like to bake.
93. I love being married.
94. I have the best husband ever.
95. I love waterfalls.
96. I was really shy.
97. I like being by myself a lot.
98. My sister and I got trapped in an elevator when we were little.
99. I have never broken any bones in my body.
100. I used to like Rapp music, then Kobi started singing the words, and I actually listened to the words. I like the beat of some music, but now I listen to a lot of 94.1 and Country. I thought I would never do that.

This was soooo long. I started running out of things to say. OK I blogged enough for a long time.

6 thoughts on “update

  1. Thanks for doing it too. Mine took me over an hour but it was fun. I had to laugh about the horse on the honeymoon.Miss Asian Universe runner-up, wow!Does your mom have memories of the war, or was she in the states? My car is from South Korea too.


  2. It was fun. I did it on K.C.’s laptop while I was watching What about Brian. Nichole, honestly, my mother does not talk about the war. I am sure she has memories, but she really doesn’t talk about her childhood. She tries to act tough and she rarely cries. One day I want to sit her down and really get to know her childhood better. She came to the United States in about 1972. She married my two older sister’s father who was serving in the US military in Korea. He was Puerto Rican like my Dad. It was her way out of Korea because they were only married for 2 years and my two older sisters are only 10 months apart… On the car, you must have a Hyundai, huh. 🙂 It’s funny, my Mom tells me to never buy a Korean car.


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