The Sweet 16

The Rebels are going to the Sweet 16! How exciting. The 1st time in 16 years. It is really fun watching basketball when they are actually winning. I know K.C. has waited for this for a long time.

On another note, K.C. and I went an watched Phantom of the Opera this weekend for our 4 year anniversay. It was REALLY good. I just feel guilty spending so much money on watching a show. We had a lot of fun and it was nice going on a date.

5 thoughts on “The Sweet 16

  1. K.C. is going to the Sweet 16. He already bought tickets (he has an extra ticket $135 for the whole weekend because someone backed out)and an airline ticket. He will be there. It was a fight, but I know how bad he wants to go. He is on cloud 9 right now. Matt can still come :). Tell him to give him a call 339-8005 :). Airline tickets were not cheap. I am sure you are probably like “No!” I will tell you one thing, K.C. is all of the sudden soooo helpful around the house.:)


  2. I can only imagine how excited KC is. I’m excited about theRebels winning and I’m really not thatinto basketball. I hope they do well!Don’t feel guilty for going to the show… you two deserve it!


  3. I am sorry that the ticket fell through. I am very glad that Matt is still going. K.C. is excited about Matt going. He says the more Rebel Fans the better. He is going to Magic Mountain on Sat., so tell Matt if him and his friend want to do that he could arrange it with K.C.. What a fun time for the guys. We will have to have a girl trip sometime.


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