Homemade Bows

Enrichment night was last night and we had a service auction. I won these homemade bows. They are so cute. I wish I was crafty. The bows inspired me (actually the crafty person that made them inspired me), and I went to JoAnne’s today and bought some ribbon and clips. When I have time, I want to try and make some bows.

I also went to a girl in my ward, Kirsten’s house and she showed me how to work this thing:

I had no idea even how to turn it on. The directions were confusing. It is so funny how you can be good in one area (for me it’s school or books) and other areas do not come as easy (for me it’s crafts). I think that crafts are so much fun, and I am interested in becoming craftier. I am trying. I stitched up a blanket that was torn. I had a hard time just making a straight stitch. I home practice will make my line straight! It was really fun and much better than grading papers.
Kirsten also made homemade playdo for the kids. I need to get her recipe because it is the best playdo EVER. I love crafty people.

What projects are you working on?

4 thoughts on “Homemade Bows

  1. Good luck with sewing. I should really take the time to learn.As far as crafty projects go… I’m not working on anything right now. I did start my blob book and I’ve been trying to get my famnily roots book done. Does that count?


  2. That was my problem. I couldn’t turn on my machine as well. I got mine for Christmas as well. Maybe we will have to have a sewing night. We can all bring our machines to one of our houses and try to use them.


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