Xayla and Kobi in Las Vegas "snow"

Jodie, where did you get your URL address? Is that how you uploaded the video? I think it is neat to be able to upload videos. I had to really play with this to upload it. I first uploaded it twice using the address from the my space site where you would send an e-mail or add it to your profile if that makes any sense. Just wondering if you knew the easy way to upload videos. Thanks!
Also, I just played my video and saw that other pop-up links show to other videos. Some not so nice. I do not know how to remove that. Sorry. Just view my video only.
It was snowing for Xayla and Kobi

<a href="http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?
fuseaction=vids.addToProfileConfirm&videoid=2011059394&title=It”>Add to My Profile

I saw Jodie’s blog and thought I would try and post a video clip. We were at K.C.’s parents house and K.C.’s brother-in-law, Scoot, threw some foam on the kids. They loved it. They thought it was snowing.

2 thoughts on “Xayla and Kobi in Las Vegas "snow"

  1. Good for you for figuring out how to do that! I have no idea. Cute video with Xayals’s mouth open. Some ads came up after I played the video. One had a naked girl on it.


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