Office disaster under control I think

OK. So this is what my office looked like before I started organizing. This is why it took a month :). I also had to get stuff together for tax time.

Here are some pictures after:

Let me tell you. This thing is your best friend! I love to label everything now. It makes things fun. Kobi likes it as well.

I bought a couple of these to hold stuff in the drawers. Still probably not the neatest. but better than before.

I can see my computer!

I organized my bins in the closet. They have color paper in it, crayons, glue, hot gun glue, computer discs, my camera, film, flashcards, and more. I also made a bin for each person in our family. This is where I put pictures that one day I will scrapbook. This gave me an opportunity to organize my pictures.

I had stickers everywhere for scrapbooking, but I never really knew what I had because it was disorganized. I bought this little thing at Walmart in the fishing area. It is supposed to be for fishing stuff. I am using it for stickers and crafts (ex. beads). Now I feel like I know what kinds of stickers I have (ex. Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc.). I also put stamps in here. I put my large stickers in one of the bins that I showed earlier, and YES, I labeled everything!

I placed scrapbooks and photo albums on the top shelf of my “craft” closet in my office.

I bought these little holders a while ago, but I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet. I was going to use it to hold crafts, but I am not sure yet. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS. I saw someone hang one of these over her door in the pantry. She used it to hold packages of things. We’ll see. I am willing to take suggestions.

Last but not least, I went through and threw away any papers that I didn’t need. I filed everything else. I plan on going through my files every 6 months-1 year to see if there is anything I can throw away. I also filed papers that I want to scrapbook someday. I have a file for each one of us in the family. I also have files for all of our tax stuff.

More than anything, it just feels good to know where everything is. I love it! I also bought a junk organizer tray from Target. It was neat because it has little bins for your batteries, bolts, nails, rubberband, just things you are looking to put somewhere. I also bought spice racks and are using them in one of my cabinets in the kitchen as our medicine cabinet. I was sick of buying more medication (which is expensive) because I could not find something in the medicine cabinet. Now I can actually see all of the medications! I threw out the expired ones as well. I did not take a picture of it, but I should have taken before and after shots. I love it. Thank you Jodie for getting me motivated!

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