10 things you don’t know about your body, fat and dieting

I read this in a Costco magazine from Dr Mehmet Oz and Dr Michael Roizen. They are on Oprah sometimes.
1. Healthy, monogamous sex is one of the things that can help control your appetite.
2. Your belly has an organ called the omentum that specifically stores most of your belly fat and is the source of toxic material that can inflame your liver and affect your metabolism.
3. Massage us a weight-loss technique. Physical touch increases your body’s oxytocin level, which helps control appetite.
4. Food is processed in the intestines, not the stomach,
5. The scent of grapefruit oil helps control appetite.
6. Liposuction in not a weight-loss technique; the average weight loss after liposuction is 10 pounds (The procedure can be effective for body sculpting.)
7. Periodic extreme stress does not make you gain weight; chronic stress does.
8. Video games have been shown to help people lose weight. One reason: They help keep your hands out of the bowl of M&Ms.
9. Fat in food is not automatically stored as fat. All excess calories- no matter if they’re protein, carbohydrates or fat- can be stored as fat.
10. Some weight-loss drugs being developed are using the body’s reaction to drugs such as marijuana and cocaine to explore the science of hunger and satiety.

2 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about your body, fat and dieting

  1. Very interesting. I like Dr. Oz. I’ve seen him on Oprah a few times.
    I still haven’t listened to Dr. Laura yet. After you told me yesterday, I spaced it. One of these days I’ll remember.
    It was fun getting together even if we didn’t get a free lunch after all.


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