For all you Dr. Laura Haters

I like Dr Laura a lot. Page L. convinced me to go to her signing event yesterday for her new book The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. Let me tell you, I was very disappointed. She was not very nice. She barely smiled. Page went earlier than me because I had to pick Kobi up from school. She said that Dr. Laura got upset because people were taking pictures of her with the flash on, and she said “If one more person takes a picture of me with the flash on, I am shutting this thing down.” I can understand that it bothered her eyes, and she had to sign a lot, but I felt she was a little rude.

When I got up to her (which took over 1 hour) I only had the CD’s because it is easier for me to listen to her in the car than to take time out and read. I asked her to sign the CD cover and I asked the gentleman working there earlier if she could sign my journal because I didn’t have a book. He said that I would have to ask her. I asked her to sign my journal, and she said “They will only let me sign books today”. Who is they? She is in charge of herself. She could have easily signed my journal. She didn’t smile either. There was a lot of people there, but she should have expected that. She also wouldn’t allow any more pictures taken of her. I just hate it when you are disappointed. At least act like you wanted to be there. She really just acted like she had to do this. So, I don’t think I will get another signature from her.

On the other hand, I do like her book. I have been listening to it in the car. It is very similar to the Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. She has guided me a lot. I don’t feel like I am a bad wife, but I had no idea of what a marriage should be like. My marriage with Kobi’s biological father lasted like 1 month before I filed for a divorce (long story). My biological parents have been married a numerous amount of times (I do not even want to list how many). I did not know what being a good wife or mother was all about. She has guided me in that aspect. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I focus more on my kids. I give my husband a kiss when he gets home, and I make sure I don’t complain a lot. I try hard to make him happy without nagging to much. I make sure we have time for “extra-curricular activities” :). He is a good man and treats me so well. The least I could do is try to be a good wife.

So thank you Dr Laura for some guidance in being a good mother and a good wife, but I will not be meeting you again.

3 thoughts on “For all you Dr. Laura Haters

  1. I too like her books. I should probably reread the first one. I’m sure I need to be reminded of alot of her suggestions. I’m a little disappointed to know that she was not very nice. You should’ve taken a close-up of her WITH your flash on!


  2. That is funny. I should have, but then she would have shut the whole event down! 🙂
    I love listening to her CD’s in the car because there is just never enough time to sit down and read a whole book.


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