What’s been going on this way? I will have to post some pictures. My sisters and cousin came into town. It was a lot of fun.
It has been nice having K.C. home for the holidays and not in school. We have been able to watch several movies. We just watched Annapolis last night. It was good.
K.C. bought me a stand alone mixer and a sewing machine for Christmas. I was shocked. He never buys me a present. It made me so happy. I know we can not really afford it right now, but I thought it was so sweet of him. It was nice to receive some money from family, which paid for the presents:).
Xayla has been loving to say “no”. I tried so hard not to use that word around her because I knew that once she said it, there was no turning back. I was right. Everything is “no” right now.
Kobi is so cute. We have been teaching him about responsibility. K.C. tells me that I tell him what to do all the time. This does not allow him to grow up and be responsible. So the other night I told Kobi “Brush your teeth, change to your pajamas, and put chapstick on.”
He said “Mom, remember what we said about responsibility?”
I said “Oh, I should say get yourself ready for bed and tell me when you are ready.”
He said “Yep. I will.”
I was so proud of him. I waited in my room until he got me, and he was all ready for bed. My baby is growing up. It is amazing how well he listens when we have serious conversations. I hope he does that forever. I heard kids lose their hearing when they turn 12. 🙂
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I am just working on New Years. At least I will be getting holiday pay. 🙂 (And K.C. will be babysitting.)

One thought on “Stuff

  1. Hi Ipuna,
    I hope you had fun at Pei Wei. Wish I could of been there. It sounds like you had a nice Christmas! Working New Years should be interesting at the hospital.
    I feel like I mother Avry so much too. I think it’s just built into us. Avry mothers me too. Today when I went ot he gym she told me to wear my seatbelt and not to crash.


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