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  1. its been a while since i read your blog! i can never remember how to spell xayla name for some reason. ANyway- your sister is CRAZY! WHOA! How did she get started in that??? She looks a lot like you too!!! That would be you if you body built!!! 🙂I enjoyed your blogs- especially the being more courtious and Christmas traditions- Im goign toread the ensign today!!! THANKS! Glad you ahd such a nice Thanksgiving! MErry Christmas!!!!


  2. My sister needed a job, so she started personal training. Then, she just got really into it, and basically lives at the gym. She can do that being single with no kids. 🙂


  3. I can’t believe that is Linda! It is so crazy. I’ll have to show Spencer. Tell her Congradualtions. I’m sure that wasn’t easy. I read that same article in the Ensign about reading a scripture with the Advent calendar and decided I’m going to do that this year too. How funny. We think alike sometimes.


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