5 minutes

I have always been in a rush. I see the line getting longer in the grocery store, so I go as fast as I can to get into the next line. I may have passed 3 people trying to get into the line.
When I pick Kobi up at school, cars are EVERYWHERE. I hurry and get Kobi, then, we rush to the care and rush out of there in order to “beat the traffic”.
When I am driving and someone is trying to turn onto the road, they will have to go after me.

What am I in such a rush for? Will it really hurt me to wait 5 more minutes in the grocery store and allow the person walking really slow go before me?
When I pick Kobi up from school, can’t I just let Xayla slide down the slide one more time? Is it really going to matter if we get on the road 5 minutes later?
If I let one car in front of me, or even 2-3 cars along the way, is it going to make that much difference in the time I reach my destination?

I’ve been thinking about these things lately. This has caused me to be more courteous. I can give up 5 more minutes of my day to be more courteous. It has really made me feel good. I was at the grocery store, and I had a girl that was checking out my groceries. She started talking to another checker about her day. She was still ringing me up and she was really pleasant, but the girl behind me started complaining “More work and less talking”. I just told my checker to “Have a nice day”. She had been working all day without a break. She was working. It was OK to talk while working. Sometimes being crabby is not worth it.

I have been also letting Xayla go down the slide again and again. She loves it. She says “Wee”! Who cares if I get home 5 minutes later? The kids had fun.

I also have been allowing cars to enter into my lane. Now I do not like it if they try to cut into my lane when there is a long line, but if they are trying to merge in from another street, it’s OK.

I have felt so much less stress when I decided to give up 5 more minutes of my time to be courteous. It is amazing what a difference it makes. You smile more :).

I have also realized that there are so many hours in a day. I can not accomplish everything, but at the end of the day, I want to feel like I was respectful to others and that I did everything to put my spiritual walk and my family first.

p.s. We had a great time trick-or-treating. Kobi was the Grimm Reaper and Xayla was an Angel. They loved it. Xayla kept saying “YEAH!” I will post pictures later.

One thought on “5 minutes

  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes I’m in a hurry just so I can get more accomplished in one day. I was actually a lot worse when I used to work. Staying home has helped me to slow down and enjoy the little things more. Sometimes at the end of a long day I’m too tired to read Avry a story. I should just take 5 more minutes and make sure we read every night.


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