After this trip, Kobi was sick that night. He had a fever of 102 and his head hurt. He said, “they tricked us. Those animals were sick. See, now I am sick.” He is feeling a little better today. He HATES taking medicine. I thought that went away the older you got. Nope. He has such a BIG gag reflex as well. It’s gross sometimes. Today he said he was having trouble breathing when we were doing homework. I am glad I am in the profession that I am in because I took my stethascope out and listened to him, and I told him he was fine. He miraculously started breathing fine and was able to finish his homework and watch Star Wars. Funny how kids are.  Posted by Picasa

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  1. Ipuna,Did you guys go to the Pig Farm in the NW? We’re going to the Pig Farm for Avry’s Field Trip in a few weeks. I’ve never been there and was wondering if I should bring Bryton or if it’s just too dirty. It looked like you had fun!


  2. No. It was not the pig farm. It was some other farm event they only have once a year and it is close to my house. The place we went, I could have brought Xayla. It probably will not be that dirty. They would not let me bring younger siblings on my trip.


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