Weather and stuff

One more thing. The weather is finally getting colder! I woke up yesterday and my thermostat said 72 degrees. K.C. told me is said 69 degrees downstairs. Yes! I love dressing warm. It feels so cozy.

I am so excited for the holidays to be here! I need to pull my Halloween stuff out. I am already late! I want to go to the store after each holiday and buy stuff to decorate my house for next year. It will be so much cheaper to buy it after the holiday, but I will have to wait until K.C. is done with Dental school. We have to save money. I just try and not go to the store at all because it allows less room for temptation to spend money.

One thought on “Weather and stuff

  1. I’ve been waiting to decorate. It’s fun even if I only have a few things. If I decorate too early then I get sick of looking at it all. I think next week I’ll decorate.


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