K.C. took Kobi over to his parent’s house to get a hair cut. Xayla is sleeping. I was called off of work tonight. What does this mean? Me time. Ladies, I am going to say it…we all need ME TIME. I know we love our little one and our big one (husband), but we need me time. What is ME TIME? It is a time when…
1. I do not have to cook for hungry people.
2. I do not have to listen to screaming from a little girl
3. I do not have to play star wars video games
4. I do not have to know everything about every sport that exists and be quizzed on it
5. I do not have to pick up after anyone
6. I do not have to answer the phone or the door
7. I can sit in my pajamas and eat my favorite Rocky Road ice-cream
8. I do not have to have the TV on, I can just site an listen to the crickets outside.
9. I can catch up on reading (scriptures, books, magazines, etc)
10. I can scrapbook if I want
11. I get a whole seat to myself (usually I have the kids all over me)
12. I can use the bathroom in peace
13. I can take a LONG shower in peace

Does this mean I would rather be alone? No of course not. I love my family that gives me excitement everyday, but I and everybody needs ME TIME. It gives me a moment to breathe
again and to reflect on a lot of things. It allows me the opportunity to prepare for another day. I am so blessed with my family but right now…. I am going to take some me time and relax. Make sure You take some ME TIME!

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