I am so proud of Kobi. Yesterday he was playing with one of his friends, and when I picked him up he said “Mom, I taught Weston something today.”
I said, “You did. What was that?”
He said, “He has a friend named Christian that goes to church too, and Weston doesn’t go to church, and we told him not to say bad words. We told them that every time he says a bad word, it is a sin, and Heavenly Father does not like sins.”
I said, “That is such a good job. I am so proud of you.” Then I explained how he was being a leader and not a follower. I explained how he did such a good job.
Kobi said, “And once Weston said a bad word, but then he zipped his lips and said he was sorry and wouldn’t say it again.”
This just made me so happy because it made me feel like I am teaching him good stuff. :). He is such a good boy. I have been truly blessed with 2 of the best children ever.
Xayla just loves to listen to music and dance. I love when she just pulls on my leg because she wants me to hold her.

I should not complain about my family or really anything going on in my life because I have been truly blessed with a happy marriage and home. I am thankful.

3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I think Kobi learns so much from your example (and K.C. too)! He’s going to be a good exaple for Zayla as she gets bigger. I was thinking about that today… how we can be good examples for our siblings even if we don’t really realize it at the time.


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