Kobi’s Birthday Weekend

What’s going on around here? Well, Kobi turned 7 years old on July 28th. We had a birthday party for him on Saturday. It was a pool party. It was a lot of fun. I will post pictures later because I am at work, and I don’t have the pictures on me. Before we talk about the party, it’s time for some more Kobi stuff. He is just a funny boy. I took him to Target with me to buy some stuff, and I asked him what he liked. I ended up buying some of his birthday presents in front of him. I wrapped it up and still gave it to him at his party, but he said to me after I wrapped them up “Mom, presents are supposed to be a surprise. Next time, don’t buy it in from tof me. That is unacceptable.” Except he said it “unexeptable” I said, “You are right, that is unacceptable.” I had to laugh.
At his party, he had a friend with him. His friend Tre said “Kobi are you done swimming?” He said “Yes, now I am going to tan for a little while.” Tan? I think he is the last person that needs to tan. 🙂
Friday, we went out to dinner with one of my best friends, Rebecca. She bought Kobi a present. I was kind of embarrassed because she bought him a really cute outfit, and sometimes kids don’t have manners. I am thankful for learning opportunities. Well, he opened it and said something like “Clothes, that’s it?” I felt so bad. I had to have a talk with him. It was a great learning opportunity. I am glad we were able to talk about it then because his party was on Sat. I would have felt even worse if it had happened on Sat. He learned a great lesson of appreciation that day.
Then, we watched “Ant Bully”. This was such a cute movie! Really funny.
Sat. we had Kobi’s pool party. It was so fun. We had a barbecue, we swam, and we had a pinata. Kobi was really appreciative.
Xayla found out she could walk backwards. She is so cute and hugs everything. She is trying so hard to talk. We are introducing her to the potty. We are trying to wave “bye-bye” to the “pee-pee”. I am just getting her used to the small potty. We are taking it really slow.
K.C. and I have been spending a lot of time together. It has been great, but I know finals are coming up soon. I won’t be seeing him much then.
Things are going pretty good this way. That’s really about it!

2 thoughts on “Kobi’s Birthday Weekend

  1. I’m glad Kobi had a fun birthday! I remember my brother doing the same thing when he was Kobi’s age when I would buy him clothes. Actually he still does it now and he’s 15. He’s appreciative but not really. At least Kobi is learning at a young age.


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