Family Time

Went to a Church Fair on Saturday night. We didn’t even hear about it in our Ward, but K.C. heard about it from his Dental Students. I will have to post pictures later. It was fun. It was neat because I saw a lot of my old friends from the singles Ward. Kobi just wanted to go on everything over and over again. He didn’t want us to stop and talk to anyone. Xayla was going around grabbing everyone’s food and candy. It was funny. We bought her a child harness. We love it. She doesn’t so much. I kind of feel bad because she is on a leash, but she has ran places she shouldn’t run. So, better safe than sorry.
Kobi is starting to like football. I am glad the season is almost over. It was too hot to do over the summer.

One thought on “Family Time

  1. OH MY GOSH! It has been a while since i checked this out, such fuuny blogs! kobi is hilarious! the handwriting story is priceless! AND the prom outfit! Oh man will you look back and laugh at that stuff! Good you laugh at it now too! I loved the blue, hot Vegas sky in your pictures. Funny how I can notice that stuff now that Im not there any more, I get funny memory feelings when I think of Vegas, its got so much to love about it.Your desserts looked yummy too!!


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