Anything new?

K.C. and I same o same o. We are thinking about getting some concrete in our backyard. I just get so nervous with spending any money right now. We’ll see. I have been working out 3 times a week on a regular basis. It has felt really good. I guess it doesn’t help that I am eating M&Ms right now. 🙂

Kobi started changing Xayla’s diapers lately! He just has been doing it on his own. Last week he asked me if he could get Xayla out of her crib. I told him he could. I went to check on them, and Xayla was dry. She is usually always wet after a nap. I asked Kobi, did you change her diaper. He said “Oh yeah. It was no problem. It had poop in it too, but I had no problem.” I immediately checked her and he actually did a REALLY good job. It is kind of funny. He has changed her on his own several times since then. It’s cute.
We have been doing really well with homework. I am so proud of his progress. He also said the funniest/sneakiest thing the other day. He kept writing messy, and I kept telling him it wasn’t a race and he needed to take the time to write neater. He then says to me “Heavenly Father made me this way. He made me with this handwriting. He would be very sad if he knew that you were trying to change me.” I said “Yeah right boy. I know how Heavenly Father made you, and I have seen much neater handwriting. Now write how Heavenly Father made you to write.” He kind of chuckled. He wanted me to say “Oh Kobi, you are right. Keep writing the way Heavenly Father made you to write.” I don’t think so. He is getting so sneaky.

Xayla is still trying to be so bossy. She has lots of attitude. She keep getting more teeth. She goes from being a good eater to being picky. She loves to play peek-a-boo. She is just so cute. I see her becoming this little girl now. I almost want another one. I know I am crazy. We are waiting until K.C.’s 4th year. He is starting his 2nd now. Time will pass.

Nothing else really new and exciting this way. It has been SOOOOO hot. The other day we had a small thunderstorm. K.C. and I actually went outside and sat on our bench to watch the storm. It was neat.

2 thoughts on “Anything new?

  1. Kobi is a funny boy! I thought the thunderstorms were crazy too. Every few seconds we could see another flash of lightening.I know how you feel about a third baby… sometimes I think I can’t wait for the third but other times I’m overwhelmed and glad I have 2 for now.


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