Chaparral High School class of 2006 reunion

What can I say about the reunion? It was a lot of fun. I was kind of nervous about really not knowing too many people at the reunion, but I actually new quiet a bit of people. Mostly everyone looked the same (which I guess is a good thing). Let’s start from the beginning:
My sister-in-law, Eryn, came over to do my hair (she is a hair-dresser) and help me with my make-up. It was fun getting all dolled-up. I don’t get to do that much nowadays. I’m usually in work-out clothes because I am going to the gym or cleaning my house. Then, off to Sam’s Town we went.
When we first got there, there were a few people I recognized, but I forgot their name. There were also acquaintances that I knew of from my class, but I wasn’t sure if they remembered me. So at first I was kind of timid about going up to people and just talking to them, but by the end of the night, I just went up to anyone and spoke with them. I liked getting out of my comfort zone and just speaking with anyone. It seemed that everyone was willing to talk to you, they were just waiting for someone else to say something first. There were about 100 people that attended.
The food was gross. I expected a lot more for what we paid per person. I didn’t even have all of my silverware. The guy that was waiting on us didn’t speak much English and he just handed me someone else’s’ (Jason Abbott’s) silverware from our table. I thought it was funny. I gave Jason back his silverware and shared with my husband. I heard there was also an activity at a Road Runner the night before because so many people wasn’t going to attend the actual reunion. An e-mail was supposed to be sent out, but I never received it.
Jennifer Larson(now she is married and has a new last name) got the award for changing the least.
Rachel Smith (Now has a new last name) received the award for the most kids (4 boys)
And someone has been married for 9.5 years. (I forgot their names)
Most of the people I really hung around did not attend. There were a few people that I hung around a lot that did attend, but it was funny to see how different our lives had turned out. My life has truly changed since I became LDS. My priorities have changed as well. I used to think it was so important to have a wonderful career, but now I realize family is more important. My perspective on a lot of things have changed since I became LDS. I spoke with a lot of LDS people at the reunion. They were so excited that I became LDS. I used to think I was so different from the LDS people in my classes at Chaparral. It is funny to see now 10 years later that we are not so different.
K.C. met a guy, John Black, that is a distant relative of his. They talked for hours about UNLV sports. This made it easy for me to go and mingle and dance. I love how my husband can entertain himself no matter where we are. He is just a friendly person. I was even ready to leave the reunion when I could not find my husband. He wasn’t at the table that we were sitting at. I assumed he was outside of the room that we were in, but when I went looking for him, he was talking to some of my High School friends still. I was thinking “Who’s reunion is this?” It was funny.
A crazy situation did happen at the reunion. A guy came up to me and told me he was Linda’s (my little sister) first love. It was funny because I vaguely remembered him. He told me he has been looking for Linda for years. Then, I found out his wife was at the reunion with him! It was a crazy situation. I told Linda about it, she barely remembered him as well. She is better off. She is doing really well now in New York.
All in all, I am very happy the way my life has turned out over the last 10 years. I think I will try and keep in more contact with some of my fellow classmates. I’ll just really get to know them 10 years later.
Oh, one more thing (Chanel, they played a video of our high school class. There was one big picture of you in it. It was cute.)

4 thoughts on “Chaparral High School class of 2006 reunion

  1. It looks like you had fun! I even saw some familiar faces… The Abbotts were in our last ward and I met one girl in a picture with you- through Chanel.


  2. I am sooo glad you had a good time! I heard the food was terrible, thats aweful since everyone paid so much! I feel bad that we used such a crappy company, they really were unfair.You looked so great! I am sure so many people were excited to hear how wonderful your life has turned out. The pictures are awesome! Thanks! Makes me kinda sad we couldn’t make it! Terrance looks awesome! He was always such a fun nice guy. It was neat to see that group shot too, so many unfamiliar faces to me though.Im glad we get to keep in touch! LOVE YA!


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