Just at work again. What is new?
K.C.- School.
Me- Just planning life around the kids. I cleaned my house yesterday. It took forever! I even dusted the blinds. I was aching in the morning :). Tomorrow is my 10 year high school reunion! Chanel and Ryan, I will give details later :). Sorry, you could not come. 😦

Kobi- He got a new fish. It some kind of shark. It is small, but wild. He names it “Spike”. Our homework time has been going really well. I am happy we have somewhat of a schedule. I hope it helps him to focus more in school. He made the lottery for Jo Mackey Elementary school. I am so happy. I was not happy with his last school. Mostly due to the overcrowdedness. He is a summary of his school:
Leadership and Global Communications
Description of Programs:
In 2004, Jo Mackey became the Academy of Leadership and Global Communication. The school’s vision is: “Preparing responsible leaders with strong communication skills to succeed in a global society.” The leadership program is built on the development of positive Character , strong Citizenship , and Communications through technology to ensure that students succeed in a global society. Students develop responsible leadership skills as they are exposed to lessons and experiences which promote a clear understanding of desirable character traits and habits of leaders. An emphasis on developing strong communication skills through technology prepares students to interact effectively. Students are exposed to a rigorous academic environment including instruction in the arts, foreign language and technology. Participation in service projects promotes students’ understanding of their responsibility for positive citizenship. Our high expectations of academic development challenge each student to find his or her unique path in the Global Age of Information.Highlights:
Spanish immersion class
Specialists in Art, Music, Physical Education and Technology
Motivational, hands-on learning experiences
Primary Computer Lab – for students K-2
Intermediate Computer Lab – for students 3-5
Accelerated Reading Program
Extended instructional day
Mackey Broadcast System
Video Conferencing – students interact with business and government leaders
Yamaha Piano Keyboard lab

I am very excited about it. It is kind of far, and not in the nicest neighborhood, but I like the school.
Kobi is worried about death right now. He will ask “When are you and Daddy going to die?” And “When you die, can I go in the ground too?” It is sad. We have to talk about the plan of salvation and eternal families. It makes him feel better. He is so cute. He also says “Mom, I am never moving out. I want to live with you forever.” It might sound cute now, but I told him “I am trying to raise you so you can be a responsible man and have a family of your own.” It’s fun parenting, but I hope I am teaching him all that I can and being the best example that I can be.

Xayla: Just trying to run the house. She is such a girl. She loves to dance and tell her brother off. She does not say words, but you know what she is saying with her whines and barks. She is walking well.

Nothing really else is going on. Oh, I turned 28 on July 2nd. We just spent my birthday at Lake Powell.
Kobi will be 7 years old on July 28th!

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Ipuna,I cannot believe I forgot your birthday! I’m so sorry. I switched calendars and I forgot to transfer all the birthdays over. That school Kobi is going to sounds great. I can see him as a leader someday.Michelle


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