Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. I decided to say a few nice words about my husband. He might not whine and dine me all the time, as he did when we were dating, but he does little things for me all the time. I think it is the little things that matter. ex:
1. Today I was tired because I worked Friday night, and I didn’t get much sleep on Sat. He had choir practice this morning, and he called me on the phone to tell me that he had my primary lesson on the computer already and to print it out. I had to substitute today. I thought it was so nice that he did that.
2. He calls me all throughout the day, just to tell me about his day (or to listen about mine).
3. If I am upset about something, he always tries hard to change whatever made me upset.
4. He lets me pick out where we are going to eat about 90% of the time.
5. He sings to me in the morning at times and rubs my hair. (He is always up really early studying).
6. He will call me when I am trying home for work and he is driving to school and apologize a million times because he forgot to do the dishes. He will say, “Leave them, and I will do them when I get home.” I just hate coming home to a sink full of dishes.
7. He always tells me I am beautiful and that he is so lucky to have me.
8. He is such a hard worker. He will try so hard to spend time with me, and then he is studying at all kinds of times in the night.
9. If he comes home late at night, he sneaks in the kids’ rooms to give them a kiss.
10. He will wake up in the middle of the night and check on the kids almost anytime I ask.
11. He lets me SLEEP.
12. We agree on disciplining together. I love this.
etc etc ect 🙂
That is my husband and father of my children. I am very fortunate.

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