What’s new?

I have been staying off the computer since Kobi has been out of school. We have been working on homework time. It has been good, but difficult. We are trying to set 2 hours a day aside for homework. I just want to prepare him for second grade. He loves to read, but he runs from Math. He does love Mathblasters!

Xayla just started to freely walk by herself yesterday! It is exciting. She is 15 1/2 months. She will circle around the couch multiple times. It is so cute. She gets so excited. She is really into putting on any shoe that she sees as well. It is cute. She has just started liking toy necklaces as well. It is a good toy to have at church. It does not make any noise, and it keeps her busy.

My sister, Sonyo, came into town on Monday unexpectedly. She just wanted to get away from California for awhile. It was fun seeing her. We went and watched Cars with Kobi.

K.C. is back in school all the time.

I have been trying to arrange some kind of summer schedule, so that I feel that I get things done. It has been working out OK. I am going to start to teach a pediatric Nursing Clinical rotation for CCSN at St Rose hospital 1 day a week starting in Sept. It won’t be too bad. I need to work on my budgeting as well. I will do really well, then I see things for the kids, and I want to buy it. I am especially a sucker for educational things or family things (like games), but everything costs so much.

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